Trend Alert Tuesday | Gallery Wall

If you pay attention to decorating and current trends in the home you probably have seen a million and one ideas for displaying your family photos. You may have a blank wall in your home right now. What should you do with that blank canvas? Creating a gallery wall can seem intimidating at first however all you need is a little creative motivation and you will be able to finally hang those fabulous family photos.  I found some gallery walls that will inspire you to get out that nail and hammer and get to work.

Photography Gallery Wall

A gallery wall hung with classic all white frames will make your prints pop and turn a simple wall into a statement.  The rows of the prints create a uniform focal point in the space.

Photography Art Wall

You can make your gallery wall a little more personal and intimate by turning your favorite items into decorative accents. A variety of textures and shapes keep the gallery interesting. It can be more than prints and photos.

Photography Stairwell Art

A gallery wall is somewhat unexpected in the stairwell. Your family passes through this space several times a day so it is perfect for family photos.

Photography Shelving

Who said pictures are for hanging only? You can rest your photos and artwork on shelving.

Photography Canvas Wall

A canvas gallery is the way to go if you love a modern twist on a classic material. Gallery wrapped canvas prints make a beautiful addition to your walls for home decorating.

Gallery Layout

Now that you have all the photos and art picked out you might be at a loss as to what the layout should look like. Numerous layouts can work in a variety of spaces and these are just a few to get you inspired.

Creating a beautiful display may take a bit of time and effort, but the results will pay off for years to come!


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