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Does this t-shirt depict how you feel some days?

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If so, check out the new trend that will require you to put pen or pencil or even crayon to paper and take a break from “Adulting!”

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It has been on my radar for quite some time. I’ve walked the aisles at Micheal’s and spotted the end cap chock full of books and colorful pens and pencils. I was even gifted a beautiful book with pencils from good old Santa Clause this year (aka; my sister.) What is this all about might you ask? The new trend is Adult Coloring! You heard me right, grown adults picking up colored pencils and coloring like kids and sometimes right alongside their kids. Adult coloring books are topping best sellers lists and this low-tech activity is boosting creativity and is no longer just for the kids. There are studies on the effectiveness of art therapy in reducing stress, and coloring seems to offer similar benefits. I will do anything to reduce stress…wouldn’t you? I have to agree with this article from Mind Body Green. Here are some great reasons to pick up a colored pencil and put it to paper.

  1. Coloring helps you unwind. Let’s face it — our day-to-day lives are jam-packed and stressful, full of long hours, deadlines, hellish commutes, and draining social interactions. Studies show that coloring helps clear your mind and center your thoughts to help you relax and de-stress after a long, hard day. Sitting down and focusing your attention on one calming activity can have a tremendous effect on your mood, energy levels, and how well you sleep. Who doesn’t want to catch some extra zzz’s?
  2. Coloring stimulates your right brain and helps you think more clearly. If you’re not already nurturing your imagination daily, coloring can help you express your creativity in a fun and constructive way. Research shows you have your best ideas when your right brain is stimulated. Coloring gets those creative juices flowing and helps you think outside the box (while trying to stay inside the lines).
  3. Coloring makes for a fun night in with friends. Coloring isn’t just a solo, quiet activity. In lieu of going to overpriced restaurants or crowded bars, inviting your friends over for a glass of wine and a coloring party is a fun way to spend time with people you love. Or for those looking to spend some quality time with the kiddos share some of your colored pencils with their crayons!
  4. Coloring is a great creative outlet. No matter your artistic ability, there’s no right or wrong way to color. Trees don’t have to be green; the sky doesn’t have to be blue. It’s your world – only stay inside the lines if you want to.
  5. Coloring books make the perfect gift. Have you ever heard someone say, “Ugh, coloring is the worst?” Neither have we. Coloring books are a perfect birthday or holiday gift for that one person who seemingly has everything. Coloring books are extremely thoughtful gifts that pay homage to a simpler time in life, when our biggest decision of the day was what color to choose next.

So…who is on board with me? Who has already been coloring for years? What do the little ones think of your new habit? We would love to know what you think about this trend so share with us your thoughts on this fun new trend!

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