Tink & Fox

tink & fox has been a passion project for us for quite some time now! We absolutely love photography…we do what we love & love what we do!! But we are also passionate about other arts & through tink & fox we will now be sharing a lot more with you!

{Social Media Styled Stock Photography}

Do you market your company online?

Did you know that people decide to follow, like & make purchases based on split second decisions?

As a business owner not only do you need to present your company as a well put together, relatable, approachable brand with a cohesive look & feel but you also need to push out to your social media platforms important, relevant & inspiring information to attract potential clients.

The way that you present this information is through your visual selling voice & this is how you’re going to capture your next client in that split second decision.

We believe attracting that client begins with purposeful social media branding & design. Think about your favorite Instagram feed – or the website of a business you love & admire…why do you connect with that Instagram feed or that business? Chances are, their brand, their website & the way they present their business are purposeful, meaningful & thoughtfully designed with their ideal client in mind. 

The bellasaluti girls specialize in working with clients who want to present themselves creatively & professionally through beautiful imagery to the dynamic & inspiring world of social media.

You have a business to run…and building a successful online brand really comes down to one thing: consistency in your social media outlets. You can’t build a thriving community or get brand recognition without consistently putting your business out there.

But who’s your target market? And what’s the story you are trying to tell? And what do you take photos of? And how do you style it? What is your look an&d feel? Between trying to find athe time & energy to just run your business it’s difficult to also come up with relevant, beautiful content & manage your social media strategy!

Let the bellasaluti girls help you with all of this! Your online presence should be inspiring & beautiful to look at; it should be professional & convert people to followers, liker’s & purchasers!

{Commercial Photography}

Not only do we love photographing your families but we are also available to photograph commercial projects too! From cute children’s accessories & clothing to editorial spreads for print, we enjoy switching it up a bit! 

{Custom Art & Design}

And then there’s our love of the arts. Through tink & fox, Christina (aka tink), is going to make available to you her beautiful custom art pieces! Not only do they grace the walls of her home but they have also been featured in several of the homes in the Parade of Homes & she has been commissioned for several custom projects. Natalie (aka fox), has always had a passion for graphic design & will now be selling her wedding invitation designs!

We are very excited about tink & fox and all the opportunity it will afford us to branch out creatively to all of you!


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