The Barre Studio | Feel The Burn

Waterskiing, feel the burn, pulse, you can do anything for 30 seconds, your body is stronger than your mind, get up on your highest of heels, thigh dancing, the clam, 1 inch lower, if you want to do a challenge… if you have been to The Barre Studio all these things/phrases mean something to you!! If you haven’t tried a barre class we highly recommend it. Most are 1 hour and hit everything… even muscles you did not know that you had!! There are also “mini barre” which are a bit shorter with less stretching and the new Hit Barre… faster pace & more heart racing! Check them out on facebo0k too! They are always posting helpful tips & healthier ways of living!

Here is a peek of some of the amazing girls at the Barre!

Classes are fun, the instructors are encouraging & motivating and if you are looking for a body changing workout…stop in try! It’s addicting!

 The Barre studio has classes in both Wayzata & Edina. We hope to see you at a class soon! Feel the burn!!

xx! the bellasaluti girls


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