Senior Sunday | All about YOU

A while ago, I was looking through my mom’s senior yearbook, and when I came upon her senior photos, I giggled, & giggled some more.  Senior photos sure have come a long way! What I love about them today is how we can  show off your talents, your hobbies, and everything else that makes you, You.

Seniors, I want your photos to be all about you! Who you are. Are you a lover of books & literature? Can you rock out on the guitar? Are you a dancer, a singer, or a sports player? Do you have a favorite coffee shop, book or music store,  a sunny spot in the park? Incorporating what you love into your senior photos is a great way to express who you are!



When it’s your time to think about senior photos, remember it’s all about having fun, being who you are, and feeling comfortable in your choices.  The sky is the limit!

xx! Wendy


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