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I love meeting with couples and going over all of the details of what they have planned for their wedding day! At the end of our meeting I always as the same question, ”What haven’t you told me yet that I need to know?” You would be AMAZED at the kinds of responses I get! Like “Oh yeah! We totally forgot to tell you that we are doing a sparkler send off…or we are riding down the aisle on unicorns.” Ok, the unicorn thing I made up…but still, when asked point blank it always seems like there is something important that gets left out of the conversation, which is no biggie! That’s exactly why I ask the question!Wedding PhotographyWedding PhotographyWedding Photography

When meeting with a potential photographer for your wedding I think there are two very important questions that you must not forget to ask them as well! 1. Do you have back up equipment? 2. How do you back up the images?

Wedding PhotographerWedding PhotographerWedding Photographer

Every photographer will probably answer these questions differently but here are my answers: 1. I have a back up equipment…if something goes wrong with my main camera it is super easy to switch to the other one! And I always photograph a wedding with multiple lenses. In addition, my camera allows me to save your images to two different cards at the same time so I always have two copies of everything when I leave the wedding. 2. Once I get back to my computer everything is downloaded and one copy of the wedding images are saved to my computer and another copy is saved to an external hard drive/cloud. Lastly, I save the cards I photographed your wedding on and only delete the images from them once I’ve created your USB’s! This basically allows me to have your images in 4 different locations for safe keeping until everything is delivered to you!

Remember to ask questions! I would hate to miss those special moments, like a red heart balloon send off, and you should be confident not only in the artistry of your chosen photographer but also their equipment and processes! ciao! xx! natalie


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