Engagement Sessions | Wedding Wednesday

With the end of the holiday season comes many engaged couples! After the exhilaration & the excitement, you are probably wondering where to start with all of the planning…so why not start with scheduling an Engagement Session!


Engagement Sessions are a wonderful way for your photographer to get to know you as a couple. This is your chance to tell YOUR story. Lets visit the place where you first met or where you shared your first kiss as a couple. Are you adventurous? Love to do crossword puzzles together? Love coffee? What’s your story?


Engagement Sessions are also a great way for YOU to get to know your photographer! This is my favorite part! What do we have in common, what’s your favorite TV show? Movie? (If it’s Harry Potter, we will be lifelong friends!) We can talk about photography style, any ideas you have and start to plan how you want your big day to look.


And lastly, engagement sessions are a great way to practice posing for the big day! Don’t like the way you look when you kiss? Lets practice some more heehee! Don’t like how your arms are looking? Lets try another pose. Engagement sessions let you get comfortable in front of the camera, and when your wedding day approaches you won’t even have to think about the camera; instead, you can focus on the love of your life, your friends & family & all the adventures that are waiting. -Wendy


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