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After the engagement session went off without a hitch I knew the wedding was going to be a knock out! And when the bride told me she was wearing red!? I nearly fell on the floor! Why red? “I didn’t really know what I was looking for when the dress hunt began but I did know that for whatever reason I wasn’t keen on me in white. Some people look and feel incredible in white but I just felt bizarre. When I found a super gorgeous, giant, red ballgown that was so fun to put on AND had pockets, I knew it couldn’t get much better than that.” She had me red and the pockets sealed the deal! 😉

Everything about Sarah and Matt’s wedding day was simply perfect…and beyond unique. Every so often I run into a couple who really does the DIY aspects of a wedding right…and what’s so special about this wedding is nothing was overly done, everything was perfectly done because it came from a place of true love and honesty…and the inspiration for their motor home themed invitation and cake?! “On a Thanksgiving eve about 3 years ago we were perusing online and saw a 1983 Toyota Mirage Camper up for auction – 2 hours and 4 beers later we were the winning bidders and proud owners of the Cream Streak! (name credit goes to Jane Fox) Matt spent a summer remodeling the inside (it’s got wood floors!) replacing the headliner and making it generally awesome and now we always have a home away from home. We just drove it to New Orleans for our honeymoon in fact! It was our first big purchase together and it’s been a blast to own. I would highly recommend that everyone buy a mini-motorhome.” 

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“Matt made our rings – my engagement ring as well as both of our wedding bands. Before he proposed he spent a year researching and building a blast furnace in our back yard to make them and collecting bits and pieces of precious metals to melt down. I thought he was just making machine parts out of scrap aluminum but he was secretly making a ring to propose. Swoon. Blue is his favorite color and one that historically I’ve not been really into but he picked that color diamond because he said he knew it would always remind me of him and us and now it’s one of my favorite colors too.”

Wedding PhotographyWedding PhotographyWedding PhotographyWedding Photography

Wedding PhotographyWedding PhotographyWedding Photography

Congratulations Sarah and Matt! And a big thank you to all of the wonderful vendors who made this day so amazing! We loved working with you! xx! ciao! natalie

Cake/Cupcakes: Erin Walsh, North Shore Cakes

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